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be happy

Last week I had a meltdown. My client started pushing an impossible deadline, I felt I couldn’t get past editing Chapter 24, I felt word wasn’t getting out about my Book Cover Contest, which started giving me anxiety over word getting out about my book release party at Book Soup on June 1st, and then I talked to my editor who told me she wasn’t even sure we were going to be ready for June 1st. And maybe I was PMS-ing a little too, which is so weird to me because I swear, I never PMS-ed until like three years ago. And then I dumped all this fear and anxiety on my new assistant. It wasn’t pretty, but it’s what happens sometimes. We are humans, therefore, we are not perfect. We are vulnerable to our insecurities, and obsessively allow things to spiral out of control in our heads because as much as we strive to be strong, sometimes we are weak.

The next day I posed the question I pose every month to my book community: What is Must Have for this month? I love asking this question because I always get an array of responses. Sometime it’s a fashion nugget, sometimes a travel getaway, or a call to action, and this month, as if someone was beaming into my battered psyche, it was a reminder of one of my life goals: happiness.

It’s important to want to achieve, and taste those accomplishments, and make money, and feel successful, but more important than any of that, it’s important to be happy. It’s important that whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re doing it with is making you happy and not getting you so wrapped up and worked up that you’ve forgotten why you were doing something in the first place. You only have control over so much. Things may go exactly as you envisioned them, or not all, or end up somewhere in between. And all you can do at the end of the day is not worry, and just be happy.