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The Odylyne Mini Barbet Dress is one of my favorite spring/summer wardrobe additions. It’s so perfect for just about anything. Brunch, happy hour, shopping, partying.. literally, anything! 

Those of you that pop onto my blog every now and then I am sure have noticed that aside from my love for relationship, sex, and book talk, my other two obsessions are music and fashion. And this is something me and Sasha Jones of LAInspiration can definitely bond over.

Here is Sasha’s Must Have for May:

When Dorota asked me to do this month’s Must Have my first thought was, “What have I been wanting lately?” and my mind immediately went to one thing: high-low hems. They are literally everywhere. And I gotta be honest, at first I wasn’t feeling this trend at all. It just seemed weird to me. Either you want a mini skirt or a maxi skirt, how can you combine the two? Well, my question has been answered…in a really awesome way. Now, not only am I seeing high-low hems on skirts, but I’m seeing dresses and tops too and I’m officially in love.

High-low hems are perfect for the girl who wants to show off some skin, but not too much skin, and rock a flowy bohemian look. Flowy? Bohemian? Um, yes please. Here are some high-low pieces I’m currently rocking…and coveting.

The Alamo Mullet Skirt by Our Prince Of Peace is on my current must-have list. The colors and the print? I’m sold. 

Ok, this Sleeveless Lace Insert Shirt from Topshop is everything. I love the grungy 90s vibe it gives off, and I can’t help but imagine rocking it with faded black denim, a red flannel wrapped around my waist, and a pair of Doc Martens.

What do you think of the high-low trend? Do you already have some pieces in your closet?