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Daniel Sunjata…I know you’re an actor, but you look good as a workin’ man, and I love me a solid workin’ man. Especially a fire fighter. Who knows how to pump those biceps.


It’s probably more about the Don Draper than the Jon Hamm, because secretly all us women love assholes. Not to marry, but just to have sex with for like a month. Or two.


I love you Peter Krause in a white t-shirt and jeans. Actually I love you more shirtless because you have the perfect chest furrrr…but damn, is it hard to find a photo of you shirtless on the Internet.


Young, hot, professional tennis player…Rafael Nadal you are yummy. Therefore, you are on my list.


I know you’re gay Tom Ford, or maybe you’re bi…hmmmm…regardless, I LOVE your style. And your sunglasses.