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To be honest, I got a little help this month from one of my Facebook fans–you guys rock! But I love the direction it put my mind in…the espadrille wedge. Of course. And I love animal prints, so this “Tigresse” by Christian Louboutin is right up my alley. And I am totally down with a knock-off:)


Next on the list: Bright floral prints. I do love the Derek Lam ditty on the left, but as I was searching I also came across these crazy tie-dye style prints by Proenza Schouler (to the right), and thought, that might be a fun project on a weekend…is it possible to tie-dye an old silk shirt that’s close to being tossed in the donation bin?


Feathers. Hmmm…I had to think about this one for a bit. And then I found this super cool silver feather bracelet by Southwestern Jewelry. I’m thinking that’s a hot accent piece for many different occasions, and versatility is key for me.