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The hunt for the perfect vibrator can be frustrating and expensive. The top drawer of my night table is filled with vibrators that are too small, too big, too textured, so zippy that if not careful they might de-sensitize your bean forever, or take too long to figure out. But girls…I believe the hunt is over.

This is what my fave vibrator looks like, and it’s called the LAYAspot. Why is it my fave? It’s the perfect size to take with anywhere. The shape fits snuggly against your palm and fingers and up agains your…you know. Bottom line: It’s ergonomically correct; no more cramped wrists or risk of carpel tunnel sundrome from excessive use.

There are five speeds, three pulse settings, and the controls are at the top, in line with your fingers. This is far superior to the typical corkscrew mechanisms, where you have to stop what you’re doing, put down your favorite dirty mag, and twist the bottom of the vibrator to adjust speed.

The colors are slicker than your favorite lube, it’s waterproof (in case your alone time involves soaking in a porcelain tub), it’s hypoallergenic, and comes with instructions. And…it’s made in Germany, because the Germans know good engineering.

Work less, enjoy more, buy a LAYAspot. And tell me if you’ve got somethin’ better.

p.s. here’s a live demo I found: