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One website for everything or separate websites for each book project? That is the question that plagues many of us authors, especially me, and I have gone down every route. The good news is I don’t think there’s a right answer anymore. I think you should do what feels right, because it’s not going to be the thing that impacts your book sales. A lot of us authors write in different genres and even have several pen names, and your fans are not going to crucify you for this. In fact, hopefully they will embrace your multiple personalities like a fine wine that goes from light and fruity to dark and woodsy the longer you let it breathe.

Here is the new website for The Dentist and The Toothfairy. I am still going to keep information about the book on this website for now, but check out the new website for more images of the beautiful artwork and excerpts.

Remember, you can purchase the book on AmazonĀ  or to purchase an exclusive, signed copy, music soundtrack included, contact me: