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Hello lovelies,

I made an executive decision back in June that I was going to create a new website for my upcoming erotic thriller, The Need. This one-website-fits-all versus individual websites for each creative property has been an on-going debate over the years, and I’m back to thinking that it’s best to keep things separate.

I am going to re-dedicate to my chick lit series of the same name and maybe, in the near future, get back to writing some more dating and lifestyle blog posts about life and love in this crazy City of Angels; similar themes being discussed in Sex, Life, & Hannah. That was my original intention back in 2009 when I started the website and that’s what I’m going back to.

Stay tuned for updates about the next, and last, book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series! Things got a bit derailed after I finished the first draft of the last book in May because of The Need, but I’m hoping to start writing the second draft in September, and still possibly finish the saga in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a “hot and terrifying” summer read, go to Everything you want to know about The Need is up on that site, including a sizzling book trailer that just posted this week.

Hope you are having a fabulous summer, and see you in the autumn season.

xoxoxo, Hannah