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NY 2012

photo: thank you to my good friend Big T for sharing this image:)

I was going to do a lot more writing this week, and blogging, but somehow, between still dealing with the famdamnily being in town, and getting a nasty stomach flu neither of the above got accomplished.

So…I guess I only have time for one last post this year: New Year’s Resolutions. But first, a look at my last year’s resolutions, and how I did.

Getting a career going…well…still trying, especially to be a New York Times Best-Selling Author, while shleppin’ as an independent contractor, and so grateful my one steady client has been really good to me this year. Ass perkiness…definitely improving, and I even have a gym membership again. Money spending…has definitely been at a minimum…aside from the trip to Europe, but the important thing is I’ve managed to hit zero credit card debt, and planning on keeping it that way. Speaking of Europe…it wasn’t “exotic” per se, but going to Europe for three weeks was an awesome break from the ordinary. Writing five days a week…not quite, I could’ve done better, but I had moments of real commitment. My schedule…not perfect, but definitely getting better, and what’s perfect anyway…

What do I want from 2012?

  1. A healthy and happy baby. Of course it would have been better if it happened au natural, accidentally, during a hot night of passion, like six years ago when I first met hubbie, but I’ve hit 35, and I’m kind of a planner, and…the whole Dragon having a Dragon baby is just too intriguing to pass up.
  2. A house. Or maybe more accurately a move to something new. As much as I’ve enjoyed living in our place, it’s been five years, and I feel like it’s time for change.
  3. Finish up the Sex, Life, & Hannah Summer Season and Fall Season. That will give me four books, and one complete year in the life of Hannah. That was always the goal, and I’m ready to complete the goal.
  4. Start meditating again. A few years back I was meditating regularly, for about six months, and even though it wasn’t the easiest thing to be dedicated too, it was a very grounding and positive experience.
  5. Continue to be more financially stable. Maybe that means getting a job, or more clients, or maybe that means doing more to sell Sex, Life, & Hannah, or hubbie’s screenplay, but whatever it means, it better have everything to do with the above image.

What are your resolutions?