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1. Going to get a career going. Not a job, or a contract, but a career. None of this piddling around with this and that, living on a wire, feeling unsatisfied, and bound. I’m talented, I can do anything, and I know what I want. Time to really go after it.

2. Going to get my ass perky again. The way it used to be. No fucking excuses; too tired, too much else to do. Like my cardio barre instructor says: if you want to get in shape you need to work out when you don’t want to.

3. Not going to spend money on a hope and a prayer, unless it’s somebody else’s money. Lean and mean baby, lean and mean…

4. Going to write five days a week, and by writing I mean book writing. Book writing takes priority over all other writing. At least until I finish the next Sex, Life, & Hannah book…

5. Going to do more traveling this year. Travel for work, travel for play, and exotic travel, like Japan, or Sydney, or Ibiza, or all of the above. Need to get out of the country more.

6. Going to get a schedule going. No more of this ADD shit, getting distracted by email or Facebook or laundry, not accomplishing what I need to accomplish. Time to wake up early, get some shit done and move forward by leaps and bounds in 2011.