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Welcome to my world in the morning. Actually this isn’t really a typical morning. I typically don’t wake up at 630AM, unless there’s a meeting, flight, a little hot lovin’…otherwise, 730AM is more my speed.

And I also don’t typically take a shower in the morning either, unless I need my hair to look good and I don’t want to slick it back into a ponytail, or use a blow dryer, or any products.

And I definitely don’t do makeup in the morning, unless I have to meet with a client, like today. No, not EyeCandy, a less sexy client, but still, when you’re a consultant, an expert, a fixer of all problems, a charger-of-a-high-hourly-rate, people expect you to look good.


So the makeup. I got to play a little more than I typically do, because I was just gifted a bunch of skin care and makeup in a swag bag at the Youth skin/care event last Friday. The skin care started a few days ago, when I tested out Youth skin/care’s lavender epsom sea salt soak. Two words: subtle luxury. But my fave, their Bergamot body wash. Smells good and soaps us like a body wash should. The blood orange body scrub, felt awesome on the ass and under ass cheek area (who doesn’t want a baby smooth ass?). Oh yeah, and the bottom of the feet, another good area to be baby smooth.

I also really dig the Olo Violet/Leather perfume I got. Every time I wear it, it makes me want to use leather lube in a bed covered with…violets.


I’m wearing my creme-colored corduroy trench coat from Guess, circa 2003. I love it, but I’m truly bummed the light-weight grey trench made out of parachute material from Indexx was gone when I went to get it yesterday. The weather in L.A. has been wacky the last few weeks; definitely some trench coat weather. Except today. It’s hot as hell, I had to ditch the trench coat as soon as I arrived at my client’s office.


Also in the swag bag: UO Nail Varnish (available at Urban Outfitters), and another thing I don’t typically do: a light nail polish color. But I tested it out yesterday, and except for the fact that the guy doing my mani/pedi effed up my left big toe nail, I dig.

Oh yeah…pumpkin pie. ‘Tis the season for one of my favorite desserts, and lately I’ve really been digging Earth Cafe’s raw vegan pumpkin pie. A slice of it at Whole Foods is something ridiculous like $6, but it’s well worth it.

Thank you to all my Facebook peeps for all the great style ideas, as always. And thank you Youth skin/care for making me take some time out to make my skin feel good during this weird, dry, winter-approaching (then hot) weather. Happy November:)

p.s. Lipstick by DuWop, lip gloss tube by Paul & Joe; both also available at Urban Outfitters. Hair Powder by Lulu Organics. Hair Powder? Apparently a great fix if you don’t feel like washing your hair. I’m totally intrigued…can’t wait to give it a whirl this weekend.