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1. Every Glance by Jack Peñate – On total repeat when I was writing about Dr. Big Love

2. No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand (Trentemøller Remix) – I know, the original is totally fun and campy, but this darker remix is perfect for the scene where she finds Mr. Smyth’s new book

3. Four Letter Word by Gossip – [Screaming] Am I ever gonna fall in love again?

4. I Put a Spell On You (feat. Eddie Wakes) from the Original Fame Soundtrack – Who put a spell on who? Did he seduce Hannah, or did she seduce him from the moment she shook his hand

5. Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat’s Heavenly House Mix – Are you guys ready for another cliff-hangar? Hannah is about to head out with her latest love interest when an unexpected stranger lets himself in

6. Soft Shock by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Any blast from your love past ends up being a shock, shock, to your, soft, side.

7. Secret Agent Man by the Ventures – OK, this is a little forshadowing for the Summer Season.

8. Everyday Is Halloween by Ministry – Sometimes, that’s exactly what my world feels like…