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Hunter Carnaby Boa Tall, $225

It was cloudy and started sprinkling Monday, and I have to say, I really enjoyed taking out my all-purpose black boots. Paired them with some black skinny jeans (tucked into boot) and a light, loose-knit, military green sweater. A fun change from the bikini attire over the weekend. The clouds and sprinkling lingered Tuesday–so I wore the same boots. Today, on-and-off downpours, which got me thinking about how I don’t want to ruin my nice leather all-purpose boots, and really need a sexy pair of rain boots.

I’ve wanted a pair of Hunter’s since I saw a saucy rock ‘n roll mamma sportin’ a forest green pair with some ripped up light denim and a tight, faded Judas Priest tee last year, but just never got around… Maybe a good thing because Hunter has come out with this animal print pair that I am LOVING. Now the hunt begins for the Carnaby Boa, because unfortunately you can’t just order up from their website.