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Once upon a time I met a guy at a Sushi Bar in Santa Monica. I was going to Ballet, he was…studying handwriting. We started talking. Actually, I believe he asked me to write something down on a piece of paper so that he could, oh I don’t know, give me more insight into me. Perhaps it was kismet. I had just lost my job, and he happened to need an assistant. Or perhaps he was just trying to pick me up. He was after all, as I found out later, working on a book about the pick-up artist community.

Why am I bringing all this up? Life has a strange way of coming full circle. Working with Neil was definitely interesting, and the characters I met during that brief period were even more. But then I moved on, because we all eventually do, and I needed a real job. So I moved down to San Diego, and after a while lost touch with everyone until…I moved back up to LA, and one night found myself getting hit on by one of these PUAs.

The next day I couldn’t help myself. I got on Facebook and looked up Neil, and by crossing that path also found Ross Jeffries, and then J The Ripper was asking if he could interview me on his podcast; suddenly I was back in the game:)

So that’s what I’m doing tomorrow night, podcasting with my new PUA friend. Of course I thought it was because J was excited about Sex, Life, & Hannah and wanted to talk about the books, but no, he just wants me to dish about Neil, to which I responded: If you think I’m going to talk about me and Neil making mad monkey love in front of a picture window…I’m not. I’ve got some wild stories, but alas, none of them involve Neil. J said that was OK. The only other thing I’ve been told about tomorrow night is to say “Pancake” if things get a little too crazy. OK J. Pancake it is.

Stay tuned for the link to the podcast.

Here it is:

And here is a link to the Casanova Crew forum:

Thanks boys, that was fun:)