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Living in the Moment

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Life and Style | 0 comments


Hello lovely people…I know it’s been a while. But I decided to slow my pace after finishing the Sex, Life, & Hannah Summer Season. I decided to enjoy my new place in Silver Lake, read some books (a.k.a. Fifty Shades of Grey), watch some Apple TV (a.k.a. Gossip Girl), visit with some friends (old and new), go to the beach, go glamping, and just live in the moment, which at times has felt a lot more exotic than my summer vacation to Europe last year.

I also decided to get away from Hannah. Look at my writing more as a journey than something I’m constantly judging. So I entered Esquire’s short short fiction contest, and am working on a short script to submit to this contest for W Hotels. Thinking of new characters has been invigorating, using Final Draft has felt a little alien, wanting to win something has given me a drive that usually only a solid tennis game or zipping down a mountain on skiis gives me. And though I can’t say I won’t be disappointed if the outcomes aren’t judged in my favor, at least the journey now feels a smidgen broader.

As for me and hubbie:  of course I am still on a quest to figure out whether passion can truly exist with someone you’ve known for more than five years, and why we can’t seem to manage sex more than once a week, and whether changing our relationship status to “open” would help any of that, or getting pregnant, which I am still not. But in the spirit of trying to live in the moment, it has been nice to look at him—not past him, and experience him—not rush him, in the way I did when we first met.

And because when I went to my very first Los Angeles Romance Authors meeting last Sunday several people commented on how fabulous my outfit was, and the topic of the month happened to be blogging, and then I received a couple suggestions about how I should blog about my outfit, I decided a picture of it would be the perfect accoutrement to this post.

The summer is starting to wind down lovely people, breathe in every last succulent ray of it, and try, even if only for one day, to live in the moment.

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