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Summer Season Silhouette

Posted by on May 3, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments


So…a lot went down since I posted last Friday. Basically I realized that no amount of yoga is going to help me make my June 1 book release at Book Soup. At first this realization bummed me out, but then a huge amount of stress lifted. I want to give you all the best book possible. I don’t want to rush and then regret not giving myself a few more weeks.  And I want to enjoy my book release, not worry whether the books are going to arrive in time. My assistant is working on setting up a new date, while me and my editor continue through the publishing grind; stay tuned.

In other news, my amazing designer just sent me this almost final of the Sex, Life, & Hannah Summer Season silhouette based on our silhouette contest winner. What do you think?


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April Update

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Sex, Life, & Hannah Book Series | 0 comments


Hey guys, life has been a little insane lately, hence my lack of posting.

Me and hubbie just moved our existence from Studio City to Silver Lake, and I just found out from Amazon that I have to have all three books ready for print by May 7 at the latest to make my June 1 book release party at Book Soup, and my client needs me next week. I want to scream, but instead I’m trying to use up my yoga classes at Yoga Shelter to keep calm, focused, and believe that I can do this all.

I’ve been reading Book 3 today, the Sex, Life, & Hannah Summer Season; one last read before print. And I just finished my favorite chapter, Chapter 23 – When Destiny Calls. This chapter is so wrenching and makes me want to cry at the end:

I want to believe in destiny; that everything happens for a reason; that there is some predetermined path you’re supposed to tread; that as much choice as you think you have in who you’re with, what job you have, and whether you’re happy or not, there’s really a greater power that controls your fate and you can’t do anything to change it. I want to believe that all the decisions I’ve made with men so far all happened for one reason, all led me to this, and that as rushed and wrong as this feels in some ways, that Christian is The One. 

Anyway, really feeling this today. Destiny. Wondering how it will all turn out; with the books, and the move, and hubbie…

p.s. the pic is of the view from our new place…spoiled.

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