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I had an extra day off this week, long week-end Victoria day. I love when these happens, gives me an extra day to work on stuff stuff, practice new techniques etc.

So yesterday i decided to invent-create what Lila’s hair may look like. I’ve always like the idea of Whip hair. My first idea was to make the whole hair made of whips but thought it would not be clear enough on drawing. So i sort of had whips anchored to her forehead brushing back.

lila hair 2

I made this one in watercolor and ink (instead of acrylics which is my medium of choice) i though with watercolor, it gives more of a fluid look. In time, when the photographs transferred onto canvas will be in my hands, it may turn out to be slightly different, but the main idea of the whips appeals to me. (yeh this one is not a tranferer, it is entriely painted)

What do you think?