The Sex, Life, & Hannah Book Series:

“Hannah epitomizes the angst and drama of being twenty-something; when your world revolved around him and your newest pair of shoes.” – Singular Magazine

“A page-turning and relatable journey about the modern search for love.” –

“Hannah is the anti-heroine of our generation. A beacon and a storm.” – A.V. Flox of

“Refreshing, bold, straight-up…no chaser.” – Obvious Magazine

“So many twists and turns, I was constantly on the edge of my seat!” –  That’s What She Said Books

“This isn’t your standard ‘girl meets boy-girl falls in love-happily ever after’ story. The SL&H books cut through the bullshit and let you in on the real way relationships work.” – LAInspiration

“An honest, sensitive, and intelligent investigation of the human heart.” – Writer’s Digest

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The Dentist and The Toothfairy:

“It is late on Friday evening & I finished the book after a concert. It was quite moving–full of beauty and sadness, passion and loss. Have you read “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood? It has a similar intensity and raises similar themes – and in passages has a poetic quality that reminds me of your work.” – Lawrence Solum

“The art in this book is absolutely stunning. And the story is greatly involving, beginning like a fairy tale but traveling to some very unexpected locales. An extremely memorable read. The writing is extrememly clear and direct.” – Writer’s Digest

“The Dentist and the Toothfairy is a treasure. The story is hypnotic and timeless, the artwork intricate and breathtaking. Dorota Skrzypek masterfully combines mythic themes and seductive characters in an updated version of the fairy tale genre. This book is the ultimate in escape literature… read it by candlelight!” - Jenna Johnson

“Author Dorota Skrzypek’s imaginative storytelling goes deep, far and wide in only 128 pages. I’ve read novels five times as long, that don’t accomplish nearly as much. And certainly, the beautiful accompanying artwork by Jerome Prieur possesses great depth and beauty. It’s like the visual engine pushes the narrative steaming forward.” - Evan Metter

“The story of the how ‘The Dentist and the Toothfairy’ came together is absolutely fascinating. Dorota wrote the book based on a painting by an artist friend, Jerome Prieur. She wrote the story and had Jerome create more art to go with the entire story. Dorota has an amazing ear and appreciation for music. She felt it uncompromisingly necessary to create a soundtrack for the book. So, she asked me to read the story and work on the project. If you buy the limited edition hard cover, the soundtrack comes with it. It’s a full on uniquely creative collaboration between the story, the art, and the music. When Jerome first played back the music, he contacted me with astonishment. Some of the very songs I selected out of thin air, were the same ones he was inspired by to create the art for the story to begin with – long before I created the soundtrack. It was THAT type of project.” – Hugh Herrera, H-Track Radio

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