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She went to the club to meet her boyfriend, she left with a woman instead…

Angie, a young student at UCLA is meeting her boyfriend, at a downtown L.A. nightclub. He’s late, and isn’t returning any of her texts. Angie decides it’s time to leave, except the woman she’s been watching all night approaches her. Heather convinces Angie to stay for another drink.

One drink leads to good conversation, and before Angie knows it, she’s back at Heather’s place, having her first sexual experience with a woman.

Angie awakes, shackled to Heather’s bed, and a provocative dance fueled by Angie’s resentment and Heather’s sexual allusions begins. On the surface, Angie is disgusted that Heather would use force and make her stay against her will, but at a subconscious level finds herself also aroused.

Every attempt to escape seems futile. Unable to leave, Angie finds herself getting pulled deeper into Heather’s game. She finds out about the sordid relationship Heather had with her uncle, and tries to figure out Heather’s fascination for constantly documenting their sexual exploits with camera and video. Yet, the eroticism is tapping into an unexplored part of her body and mind, and the attraction she feels for Heather is hard to quell.

Angie realizes that the only way she’s going to survive is if she changes her mindset from victim to equal. With all barriers down Angie finds a deeper connection with Heather and begins to think there’s a chance they could develop something more significant. She tells Heather that she’s going to break up with her boyfriend. The statement seems to melt away everything that is ugly about Heather, but just as Angie thinks they’ve made significant strides, Heather asks if Angie can help her with one last video.

As the final fight for freedom begins, Angie is thrown into emotional trenches and physical battles, and when she reaches the door at the opposite end of the dark room, she discovers all of Heather’s secrets.

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