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Will I ever finish the SLH Summer Season? Will I ever be a successful author? Will I ever have a “real” job again? Will I ever want a “real” job again? Will hubbie and I be able to resurrect our sex life? Will I be a cougar? Will I have kids? Will I be able to be a cougar after having kids? Will I really be able to get the Alas earrings from BesoBeso Jewels? Will a female version of Viagra really make me hornier? Will my dreams come true? Will the universe always provide me with everything I need? Will I always be able to live in the moment? Will my guilty pleasures kill me? Will I be famous? Will I be on the cover of Esquire? Will I leave something of significance behind for my kids? Will I be married ‘til death do us part? Will I make a difference? Will dyeing my hair make me feel younger? Will I be a kick ass Babushka one day?