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I love this girl. And I’m really jealous of her hair. If I had her hair I don’t think I’d ever have a bad hair day. Luckily I had my hair pimped out that day by Gigi, so I wasn’t doing so bad at her one year anniversary blog party. And she called me a snow bunny. Love her.

What else happened at the party…I learned I wasn’t the only teen to spend their summers glued to General Hospital. This makes me feel better. I met fans of Sex, Life, & Hannah, which is always a HUGE thrill. People reading my books, and loving them, I couldn’t ask for anything better. And, a bunch of fashion girls (I think five) told me they loved my nails. I guess that means I have to do this light nail polish thing more often…



Some chick called hubbie a radish. Wrote it on a rose, gave it to him, and who knows what else; I was busy buying hot ass jewelry at Sixhundred, while hubbie was busy playing bartender in the back. Well, he is a radish, so I can’t be upset with her. But would this have happened if he was wearing a wedding ring?


I also assured a bunch of young men, they need not aspire for the 12-inch dick. Yes, it sounds great, but really, it’s not biologically practical. Unless you’re fucking Belladonna, but she’s an anomaly, NOT the average girl. You know what else is is an anomaly? Jack and Diet Coke. Thank god the Coke arrived shortly after we did.

Anyway, all this partying has got me thinking about having another SLH book club get together. At first I thought it might be too hard with the holiday season approaching, but then I thought: Fuck it, I want to celebrate, with my girls, and talk about girl stuff, over cocktails, party.

So…I’m thinking the first week of December, at either a boutique or bar. Boutique would be cool because we could also do some holiday shopping…I’ve already gotten some feedback on Facebook and Twitter. What do you think ladies?