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romance reviews anniversary party

Hey guys! I’m sorry I’m just getting to announcing this now, but life has been crazy hectic between trying to finish the third installment of Sex, Life, & Hannah, having to meet an insane deadline for one of my clients, and dealing with the many other hats I wear as a self-published author.

I finally have someone to relieve some of the load, and she’s been busy getting the word out about Sex, Life, & Hannah. One of the cool things she has me participating in is the Romance Reviews Party. It’s basically the biggest digital gathering I’ve ever heard of, of well-known and unknown romance writers. There’s games, giveaways, and author interviews, so if you’re a romance book junkie like me, check it out!

I will be doing a forum chat all day tomorrow, Monday, March 5th! So if you go here: and click on the folder: Dorota Skrzypek you will be able to ask me ANYTHING, and you know me, I’m not shy.

Also, a fun little book Q&A will appear on The Romance Reviews on Monday, March 12th.