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72. Dear Gents: While I applaud the brazen approach of passing out your hotel room card as a way to attract women to your band’s hotel room party, a bit of an intro might ensure you get more what you’re looking for: a) single, b) a prostitute, or c) someone who can overlook your bad teeth just because you’re a rock star.

?73. I do however, also applaud that you are confident enough in your masculinity to pile it on. Gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, fake, real…apparently you can’t have on too many accessories. Whether you’re a girl, or rock star.

74. But “I don’t date” means: “I’m not interested in dating you”. Let’s move on.

75. And really, three months later, if I’m not memorable enough for you to remember me, and if you’re not memorable enough for me to want to remember you, we shouldn’t be friends on Facebook either to try to remember.

76. Read instructions. That’s all I’m saying. Just read the instructions first. So that you don’t spend six hours putting together a video submission for a Reality TV show, only to realize you did it wrong. And then you re-tape, and realize it only took you ten minutes to do it right.

77. Uncensored is scary, but good.