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do what you love


98. Being less picky can lead to unexpected surprises. Like, that guy, that has bad hair, and no style, and doesn’t do anything sexy for a living, and hangs out with a circle of friends you could care less about…could be the best sex of your life, or even better, emotionally gets you like no man ever has.

99. Emotionally draining relationships only prevent you from being completely open to finding something new. Like, that guy, that’s really hot, and has a six-pack, and is (was) in a band, and gets invited to all those red-carpet events…but still doesn’t know where your clitoris is, after you’ve had multiple sit downs with him, and was out of town for your birthday, accidentally of course.

100. Except for business and kids, there is no reason for you to be friends with your ex. Do you still think there might be an inkling of a chance? Do you still think he’s going to change? Do you still think the friendship is going to fulfill you like the relationship never did? See #99.

101. Everyone you know, you know for a reason. And you will eventually figure out why. Even if it feels like an obscure or trivial why at the time.

102. Make love, not war. Ergo #98 instead of #99.

103. The state of your relationship is all about your state of mind. For further explanation, read this:

104. Don’t retire. Do something you love, so you can do it your whole life. I caught the last part of an interview with Tom Brokaw the other day while driving home. Mr. Brokaw was discussing how this generation feels like it’s never going to do better than their parent’s generation. Then Mr. Brokaw made an interesting point: what is better? Is it a better house, car, job? Maybe our generation needs to redefine “better”. Maybe there’s an immaterial “better” that we should be comparing to instead. A “better” that’s associated more with quality versus quantity. How many of our parents got to do something they loved to get to where they’re at? For more discussion on this, check out Mr. Brokaw’s new book.

105. Do what everybody else isn’t doing. For further explanation, read this:

106. Sometimes you just have to trust…and believe it’s not going to blow up in your face. Even when it seems too good to ever be true. You can have everything you want in life, you just have to open your mind to the unexpected, let go of that which drains you, make some love, and do what you love, not what everybody else is telling you to do.