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107. Take complete control of the situation. Seduction is a power struggle, so this is the time to be “the man”, ooze confidence, walk and talk like you own it. Because trust me, at the core, we’re animals, and we can smell fear.

108. Be in it to win it—from beginning to end. No pussying out half way in; no turning back, giving up, or saying “you’re obviously not into this”. If something is not working, get creative, change your plan, but don’t give up. Determination is the only sure way to success. And trust me, you don’t want to deal with the aftermath of a failed seduction.

109. Be intuitive. Seduction is as much about using your senses as it is awakening the senses of the person you are trying to seduce. Whether you’re seduction plan involves a massage, strip tease, or a little bondage…listen, smell, see, and feel every response. As soon as you sense you’re not getting the reaction you want, be cool, adjust. Remember, you’re still “the man”.

110. Go slow, don’t rush, and be deliberate with every action. Seduction should be a long lunch, not something you want to finish during a fifteen-minute smoke break. Linger at EVERY single curve of that body you’ve been fantasizing over. Lick, suck, pinch, rub, smack…but do it all slowly and with intent.

111. Tease, tease, tease. The vagina (or penis) should be the LAST thing you touch. The whole purpose of seduction is getting the person so worked up they could literally orgasm without you ever touching their private parts. You want them panting, sweating, gyrating, begging for you to…slip it in. And then still say “no”. I once tied a guy up to my bed. Played with every inch of him so that he was hard as a steel rod, and then started masturbating next to him, still refusing to touch his raging hard-on. And he came anyway. It was a win-win.