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24. If you live in L.A., you should always have three alternates for every destination. This applies to routes, venues, and men.

25. You’re not going to meet an eligible bachelor(ette) clubbing on Hollywood Boulevard. First of all, most clubs on or near Hollywood Boulevard suck. The lines, the posturing, the need to know a promoter and be on some kind of list, or have bottle service, is all for show, so what can you really expect from the people when they’re in that kind of environment…

26. If you want eligible, go to yoga. Yoga has attractive, in shape, spiritually sound (or working on it), emotionally available (or working on it) people. You’ll learn a lot more about a person going for green tea after yoga than wasted off your ass at a Hollywood club.

27. 99% of the time people won’t listen, so don’t be offended. They may claim they want advice, they may rain on your parade enough to warrant advice, but really, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. It’s human nature.

28. Stop spending money you don’t have. I know, shopping is therapy, throwing money around makes you feel better, and everyone can use a spa day, but GET REAL. Live within your means, and if you want to live better, figure out how to make more money. And don’t ever order up a credit card limit that’s more than one month of your income–that’s just asking for trouble.

29. Cash is still King. And so is gold.

30. Celery and celery juice are a great way to keep hydrated and cool in the summer heat. Celery is high in organic sodium and helps normalize your body temperature.