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I’ve been off the yoga track for a couple months, which can easily happen when you move to a new neighborhood. Los Angeles is one of those cities that is challenging to get around. Nobody wants to take public transportation, carpooling is difficult because everyone seems to be on a different schedule, and the traffic is maddening, especially on a Friday. Suddenly your old favorite haunts feel impossible to get to, and you are forced to replace them with new ones. And I needed to get back to yoga. After ten years of practicing, yoga has become my emotional, spiritual, and physical reprieve. A time for me to breathe and put things into perspective; take some of that edge off that you accumulate so easily when you’re living in a big city, when you’re a business owner, when you’re wondering if you’ll ever get pregnant, when you’re trying to become a New York Times Best Selling Author…

Like most things in my life, I stumbled upon The Raven. I think I was driving to a friend’s house that lives on the other side of the “lake”, and drove past a sign in front of a cottage-like structure that made me curious. A little internet research revealed it was a yoga studio and spa, and I decided it was going to be the first place I try, if only because the name was really cool, but really it has more to offer than just a cool name. The Raven is a beautiful, quaint oasis, inside and out. One of those places where once you step in, you don’t want to leave, and you wish you had a good book and cup of tea to curl up with for hours on one of their comfortable patio chairs, or on a hot day like today, an ice cold juice. The yoga classes I’ve tried so far aren’t crowded or hard core, which is exactly the type of head space I’m in right now. I haven’t tried the spa portion yet, but I plan on doing so for my birthday…The Rock Star…sounds like the perfect birthday treat for a city girl.

Stay cool out their kitties, have a fabulous weekend, and take a moment out of your busy schedule to breathe.