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Massa Lubrense

Me and hubbie are in the midst of week two of our European vacation. This morning, we discovered WiFi at the local cafe/restaurant/bar in Massa Lubrense: Angelo’s, so we’ve been parked here for hours. Fortunately the owner, staff, and locals of this tiny picturesque community don’t mind. And why would they? They live in paradise. Everything rolls along as it should and nobody seems to worry about anything.

So I’m taking a moment to do a short blog about what I’ve perceived to be “must have” for my favorite month: September (I’m slightly biased because it’s my birthday month).

It seems like the accoutrement in Europe, whether wrapped or draped around your neck or your head (to get relief from the sun), is the summer scarf. It’s more colorful and lighter than the scarves we wear in the winter, and can be worn in more variations. So I’ve decided to wrap the scarf I bought earlier for 9 euro around my upper bod for our next night out in this perfect little town that you can circle in about 20 minutes by foot. That’s a rightful vacation isn’t it? A complete change to your surroundings, something opposite of what a large metropolitan city demands of you. A good vacation should allow you to just be, without a program, as Angelo says.

Here are pics of the summer scarf, as seen in a few European spots.










Massa Lubrense