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I confess. I’ve been having sex dreams. With hubbie, without; with people I know, people I don’t know; men, women. I want to somehow take advantage of this, when I wake up, hot and bothered, ready for action. But hubbie’s been leaving for work at 530 AM, and I’m still mid-dream at the time.

What does it all mean?

My brief morning research about sex dreams found some interesting tidbits. Sex dreams can be literal but more often they represent aspects or yourself that you want to express; dreams often compensate for what we’re not getting during waking hours. Do I really want to have sex with the Bollywood-looking Bombshell (maybe) or is there something about her that I want for myself …like her outfit…(more likely).


1. If you’re having sex with your ex it means you’re missing some element of your life from the past; perhaps freedom or spontaneity. It may also mean you have some kind of reservation about the future.

2. If you’re having sex with a celebrity it means you’re ready for success and that VIP treatment in your life.

3. If you’re having sex with someone you would NEVER want to in real life it means there’s an aspect of their character you admire and wish for in yourself.

4. If you’re having a same-sex dream it means you need to get into better touch with your masculine or feminine side.

5. If you’re having sex with someone mysterious it means you need to break out of your “norm” and do something exciting because you may be in a rut.

Another fun fact: “The Iroquois believed in acting out dream content in real life. They believed that it was necessary to re-enact it in order to alleviate physical and psychic distress. It was therefore not unheard of for a male, after dreaming of a group orgy to request that his dream be acted out with the help of the tribe.” – The Dream Workbook.

Another reason the Indians should have won.