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Somebody was reading my mind when they put together this gift bag. First of all, the hot Vans bag that perfectly fits my laptop and has an outside pocket for my lifeline (a.k.a. blackberry), every writer’s dream. The military-style jacket with brass accents by XCVI, super versatile and swanky for an author of a chick lit series that still has to meet with corporate clients every now and then to pay the bills. Sultra’s Laser Zebra hair straightener–I freaked. I have needed a proper straightener for way too long and this one is in animal print–purrrr. But it’s not just pretty, it works too; it only took me five minutes to straighten my hair this morning. True, I don’t have a ton of hair, but still, all efficiency is good in my book. A.J. Morgan sunglasses…for a sunglass whore like me, it’s like celebrating my birthday, again. I’m also wearing the funky silver and gold camera rings from Crossroads Trading Company because they are super cute. And soooooo much more…

Kelsi Smith, the fearless organizer of TwoPointOh! LA’s first annual Snowball, was not joking when she said the gift bag was worth $300.


How the hell did I get in on a table full of awesome stuff? I donated the first, limited edition book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series for all the gift bags (email me your thoughts readers!!!). And I was happy to do it. Snowball was in a great venue (downtown L.A. loft), sported some great L.A. fashion, and a portion of proceeds went to the Downtown Women’s Shelter. There was also lotsa fun adult activites like drinking, dancing, eating, getting beautified (courtesy of So Much Pretty), making hair accessories, and getting hair extensions. You’ll maybe notice in the first pic I now have two fuschia hair extensions, courtesy of Anthony of Hair There Extensions; you can get in touch with him at: Oh yeah, and there was also a photobooth with a mannequinn wearing a hitleresque mickey mouse hat . Good times, good times.