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I have been a Natracare girl since 2002; organic, all-cotton, non-chlorine bleached, free of all the nasty stuff I started discovering was in feminie hygiene products. Alas, Whole Foods was closed Saturday night at 11 PM and I needed pantyliners. So me and hubbie walked into Ralphs, and that’s when I realized I haven’t looked at feminine hygiene products in almost ten years.

What did I end up buying? The Kotex in the cool box. Even though they’re made in China (umm, why?), and there is no indication what they’re made of, I have to admit I loved the slick black box and the individually wrapped, multi-colored pantyliners you could see through the plastic slit on the front. The whole design made buying a product to deal with your period seem…cool.

In an emergency, I decided to have some fun, but Ralphs, please start carrying Natracare, or Kotex, please start listing what your products are made of. Why do you think women don’t care about what they put next to or into their vagina? Seriously, when I learned in 2002 that most feminine hygiene products had bleach, chlorine, rayon, and fiberglass in them I was disgusted. Just like this product my girlfriend gave me today that she got in a gift bag over the weekend. It promises to tighten your pussy so that you can have more orgasms, but it has color, perfume, and sucralose in it. Hello yeast infection.

Ladies, please stop douching (unless it’s just with water), using products that promise to make your vagina smell nicer, switch to Natracare, or get a little crazy and try the Divacup.