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heartbreakphoto: 1×43′s Blog

If you didn’t do what Katy Perry did before the holidays you’re either selfish or on the fence, and definitely not one of the 73 percent that think you should have done it already, and while I understand, here are five reasons why it would have been better to break up with them before the holidays.

1. No getting a gift that you REALLY like from someone that you don’t anymore and then being reminded of them every time you wear it or use it, and then being conflicted over whether to return it or not.

2. No having to explain to everyone why you pretended to like someone during a season that you’re supposed to spend with only people you like, and why you’re now thinking about breaking up with them only a few short weeks before the most romantic holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day.

3. No feelings of guilt about getting someone’s hopes up under the Christmas Tree only to completely devastate them after the Christmas Tree comes down, or guilt over why you spent so much money on all those presents for them, because you knew what was coming.

4. No need to worry about a potential embarrassment at the holiday dinner table because someone stumbles upon a message from your back-up-plan in one of several electronic formats, or a compromising photo, and decides to get a little too drunk and call you out as an asshole, decimating all plans of getting invited to any great post-holiday parties.

5. No bringing that bad, old, disgruntled, and complicated baggage from the previous year into the new. Whether you’re the dumper or the one that got dumped, the start of a new year is the perfect time to proclaim to the Universe that you want someone different, better, and more compatible for you, even if you’re scared and you think you never will find that someone.