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Em&Co on 3rd in West Hollywood has become my one-stop shop for finding just the right piece for any occasion. The selection spans from local designers to international superstars, the sale rack is always rockin’, and the girls know how to give you an honest opinion…and then steer you in the right direction.

I was super stoked to have a few moments with Eveline, owner of Em&Co, and ask her how I should prepare for 2010 and this upcoming bachelor auction at her boutique…

Rich and Skinny Emerald Jeans

Rich and Skinny Emerald Jeans

1. As owner of a clothing & accessory boutique, how do you cater to the fashion needs of L.A. fashionistas?

We offer the most interesting selection, and provide wonderful service and a great shopping experience. We look for pieces that are unique yet wearable, and not the same-old, same-old. I believe that even if it’s a basic, it should have a good twist…

2. What defines L.A. most from a style perspective?

L.A. is more casual than New York; people tend to wear more color in LA. People also tend to be more open to experimentation in L.A.; more open to getting more funky…

3. What has been hot this Winter Season?

Leather, metallics, and studs. Studded everything, from leggings to bags, to clothes. And plaid.

4. What is hot for the upcoming Spring Season?

Neutrals, naturals, and green is still big…

Black Ariana Dress by Vivienne Westwood

Black Ariana Dress by Vivienne Westwood

5. What will be the must-have item for 2010?

A great dress that you can wear many ways. I think people will increasingly want to get their money’s worth from clothing, and stretch their dollars. A well-cut dress that can go from casual to dressy, and be worn a number of ways, will be the must-have piece.

6. You read the first book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah book series, what did you enjoy most about the book?

The all-too-well-known situations, and the mix of characters in the book. Every girl in L.A. can find something in common with Hannah…

7. My best assets are my legs and butt. What should I have a lot of in my closet?

For a girl like you: stock up on pencil skirts. And the jersey dresses from Vivienne Westwood because they drape well across the chest area and can emphasize it, but at the same time, drape well across the rest of the body. They’re sexy without being too “vampy”. Leather skinny pants would also look amazing on you…

8. What should I wear to this bachelor auction on Feb 10 at Em&Co?

Leather skinny pants with a strappy top or tunic, and of course, heels…

Victoria's Secret Leather Pants

Victoria's Secret Leather Pants