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Q. The conversation was started last week, but I just want to be sure…does penis size have anything to do with female pleasure or orgasms? Is there any physiological benefit to having a larger penis, or is it all in our head?

A. Is it the size of the wand or the magic in it? Men have fought wars and lost their minds (and confidence) over this issue. But what is really needed? In the US, the average size for guys is about 6 inches, and there’s a reason for it. While a lot of men think a ten inch dong is what will rock women to new heights, that kind of instrument is mostly only good for locker room swagger.

When it comes to size, most women prefer thicker to longer, ala more in the girth department. It makes sense since we know that the first third of the vagina is the most sensitive, and the vestibular bulbs, crura (roots) of the clitoris, and Bartholins glands are bunched up beneath the surface of the labias near the vaginal opening. Basically, this area fills up with blood, arouses the nerve endings, and a thicker penis can put some lovely pressure to give the feeling of fullness and pleasure. Also, for the G-spot orgasmers out there, a thick penis can help hit that spot and bring on the orgasms.

Ultimately, female pleasure has a lot to do with how comfortable a woman is with her body, how much she knows about her body, and her vagina. Women have differently sized vaginal canals, which can mean the difference between a pleasurable poke and an uncomfortable cervix beating. Sure there are a few size queens out there to tip the scales, but most women want something that’s not too long, not too short, and a good fill. So…five and you’re still alive, six is a good fix, seven is heaven, eight ain’t so great, nine is time…for an ice pack.

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