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December 22, 2010:

“Lick my pussy. No, read me some porn. No, I’ll do the reading, you do the vibrating,” I pass hubbie the Screaming O.

He turns it on, “holy shit, that’s a lot of rpm.”

He was right. The Screaming O Super Powered Bullet was small, yet very powerful. And within moments I was asking him to hand the Screaming O back to me, so I could control the pressure.

“Do you want me to do anything else?”

I tell him to play with himself, until I’m ready…

“OK, I’m ready, stick it in, right now!”

I throw the dirty magazine to the side and grab hubbie’s hair. With one hand still working the vibrator, we start having sex.

“Oh my god, it’s too much!” Now I throw the Screaming O to the side.

There is such a thing as over-stimulation. This is why I probably wouldn’t do well in a group sex situation.

The next morning, as we packed for Canada, I threw the mini vibrator into the side pocket of my travel purse. It was no bigger than a lipstick dispenser. And I hoped it didn’t accidentally fall out at a family gathering, whilst fumbling around for lipstick.

December 30, 2010:

“I’m going to get some popcorn,” hubbie said as he walked out the hotel room door.

Yes. After a week in Calgary, we had arrived in Vancouver, and we were finally alone. I was finally alone. I grabbed my bag, popped open my jeans, and grabbed the Screaming O for round two…it’s so much easier to masturbate when you’re…alone.

True, this little gadget has a hell of a lot of power, and because there’s no speed adjustment you have to use good wrist management (and judgment), but I must say, I really like the size of it. The fact that you can throw it into…anything; wallet, jean pocket, bra, and have it at your disposal whenever you’re thinking to yourself, “god, life would be so much better right now if I just had a vibrator,” is brilliant, and worth the $6.99 investment. Plus it’s waterproof (key) and makes for an excellent hand massager (seriously). Talk about a great way to de-stress at the desk, and no one will ever know the difference.

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