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I have had a love/hate relationship with e-newsletters. Back in the day when every marketing expert was telling you that your list was your lifeline, everybody jumped in hoping to monetize, and what happened? Our inboxes became filled to the brim with emails from our favorite shoe store to some obscure lingerie designer, and then there was Daily Candy… There was no way in hell we could reasonably keep up, so one by one we started unsubscribing, and that’s when I stopped sending out regular e-newsletters from Sex, Life, & Hannah. I felt conflicted and torn regarding “purpose”, and rather than being one foot in, I stepped completely out (I hate half-assing).

In walks Sasha Jones, my new PR & Marketing Manager, last Wednesday, at our first official meeting, “What’s going on with your newsletter?”

I told her I had no idea, until we opened up Constant Contact and found I hadn’t sent out anything since April. The mulling of ideas began until we came up with something that we both thought had “purpose”: The Sex, Life, & Hannah Sound Bite. The quote, thought, tip, or whatever thing…of the week. Just one thing, and hopefully something that will put a smile on your face.

So we’re going to give this little experiment a whirl, and comments are of course welcome.

p.s. I even put a link back up on SLH where you can sign up, if you’re not already. Look right below the SLH Book Club Membership Login.