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I’ve been unplugging lately.

Just, not wanting to write, or check in, or update, or post, or comment, or re-tweet, or check my web stats, or keep up with…

It started a few weeks ago, when I got really busy with a project for my client, and then me and hubbie got wrapped up in producing this movie. At one point I just decided I didn’t want to be this amazing multi-tasker, I didn’t want my to-do lists to stretch past midnight, I didn’t want to oblige those nagging feelings that I should be getting something else done. So when the project was completed and the movie was finished and the mayhem subsided, I just started to…be.

At first I felt a little anxious, and guilty. Like, I’m not doing all those things that a successful business owner/writer/blogger/social media maven should be doing. All those things I hear about at all those networking functions, all those things I read about in all those e-newsletters that pile up in my inboxes, like the bills on my sofa table, which is right about the time I just decided to chill out about everything.

I’ve unplugged before. Checked out. Not written in my diary for months. Gotten out of my head and into a different reality that’s more about observing things around me, and visiting with people, and lingering through dinners, thinking about the things that really matter, NOT reading on my computer, or like right now, getting excited about making plans for Europe, and feeling in love with hubbie.

I took a few pics of our star cacti over the weekend for my dad. He gets super excited when a cactus blooms because he didn’t grow up with that kind of green. Of course I get pretty excited too; our little garden is a reprieve from the daily grind, watering, a break from the typing.

p.s. if you want to do a little a little unplugging and experience the world NOT through your computer, check out these sites: