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Vain: 1) having no real value, 2) marked by futility, 3) silly, 4) having or showing undue or excessive pride in one’s appearance – Merriam Webster

I’ve been noticing a bag forming under one of my eyes, not both eyes, just one. Whew. I looked up on WebMD what causes this nuisance. Basically, we have fat under our eyes, and as we age the ligaments under our eyes holding this fat in place weaken, so the fat starts to bulge out. The amount of eye baggage you will get depends on how much eye baggage your mom and dad have. Shit. Dad’s got some eye bags. Eating too much salt, not exercising regularly, or not getting enough sleep–also bad for bags. If you have chronic sinus issues or allergies, you’re screwed.

The cures (also according to WebMD): Sleep with an extra pillow to help with drainage, apply cold compresses with cucumbers or green tea bags, or get more serious with Restylane injections or…the surgical eyelift, where they stick a tiny electric probe into your eye bag and melt the fat, and if your bags are really bad, tuck some lower lid skin.

Hmmm…I know, it’s what inside that really counts, but…I should exercise more and eat less salt. And maybe start meditating with cucumber slices over my eyes. Having a flashback: mom used to do that. Maybe she still does. I should ask. She doesn’t really have eye bags.

Does this make me vain?