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I have mixed feelings when it comes to Vday. It’s good to celebrate love, where would we be without it? But I think if you really love someone, you express it every day, by doing the small things, like saying “I love you”, or making them dinner because you know they’re coming home late, or holding their hand when you go for a walk, or taking care of them when they’re sick, or just talking and listening when they need you. Love is not a one-day gesture, it’s a daily committment.

Valentine’s Day is not always the romantic holiday Hallmark wants us to believe it is. We don’t always get to spend it finding the true love we lost, or getting back together with the one we love, or even with the one we thought we could temporarily replace him with. In fact, most of us spend the holiday with soaring expectations that get annihilated by mediocre manifestations. It’s more often than not a painful holiday, and not just because we’re being tortured and beheaded for believing in love. Maybe it’s that we finally realize we’re going about it all wrong—looking for love with all the wrong intentions and in all the wrong places.”-ch.6