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Amidst the holiday parties of this very rainy weekend a guy asked me: What do women want?

My quick answer: Everything.

At the time, I thought my answer was lacking, but thinking about it some more, I think it is the perfect answer.

Back in November I wrote a couple articles about the duel agenda of female biology; how we want the hot guy, but we also want the provider, and how we’re also slaves to the chemicals running around in our brain that make us fall in lust, in love, and then out of lust. And I think it’s these complex processes that make it difficult for us (me) to define a perfect set of traits in a man.

Let me breathe some life into this from an experience.

Me and hubbie had just gotten back from Vegas to find my computer had crashed. I was freaking out with thoughts of deadlines, billable hours, and blogs running through my head, when suddenly there was a knock on my office door. I opened it, and there stood hubbie in a yellow polo, black shorts, and flip flops holding a tray with two cocktails. He had slicked his hair back, shaved, and probably put moisturizer on his face. He looked…like a total yuppie that had just gotten off a yacht, the complete antithesis of what had attracted me to him five years ago.

He delivered my cocktails, then sat down on my office couch; suave, cocky, like he knew something about the situation I didn’t. It was not his typical demeanor, it was as if I was gazing upon a different man. Bottom line: I was totally turned on, and had completely forgotten about my broken what?

A little variety goes a long way.

If I were to sit down and list everything I loved or that turned me on in a man, the list would be really long and look really schizo. Like everything from rich, corporate, uber-confident, borderline asshole, to dirt-bike riding, scruffy-bearded, bad ass, to sweet, sentimental gentleman with big hands and a big…

So how do you become everything? You can’t. Just be yourself, and listen to what she needs. When you’re in tune, you’ll be able to bring everything to the table. Or at least a lot:)