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I must say, there was a lot of chaos surrounding the Sex, Life, & Hannah Book Club meetings in San Francisco. First we were going to have ONE meeting, then two, and then briefly it ballooned to three; at which point I stopped updating the blog post and just decided to roll with it. I rolled with it so much I didn’t even know I was going until the morning of last Thursday. Talk about spontaneity–which I both love and fear.

I understand why there is a hesitation to commit to anything considering the world we live in. We are bombarded by news, status updates, and event invites through radio, TV, our computers, and phones. It’s effing overwhelming and oftentimes easier to just stay home and do nothing at all. Especially since so many of us feel over-worked, under-paid, and frustrated by the lack of authenticity. Couple all that with a book series you’ve never heard of (yet) and it doesn’t matter how much free food and wine is promised…so I COMPLETELY understand.


However difficult it seemed to get a group of girls together to talk about men, sex, and relationships and live vicariously through Hannah for a few hours, Friday night really did turn out awesome! I felt the energy in the room once we got started, and loved all the discussions that followed each segment I read. It was like a big group therapy session, and I think we all needed it:) Girl bonding is really fun, especially over a fictional character whose adventures all of us can relate to in some way.


Thank you ladies of San Francisco! And thank you Nikki–you know this would not have happened without you:) I hope you all had as great a time as I did. I am once again energized to continue down this path of writing about Sex, Life, & Hannah. So off I go…


You can check out more pics from San Francisco at: