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The first date is more complex than it used to be. We used to meet people through friends, at work, or (eeek) at a bar, but at least we could put a face and first impression to the name, so we kinda knew what we were getting into on the first date. Nowadays, a lot of us meet online where the face may be the 10-years-younger version and the impression is veiled by non-expressive data transmissions, unless you consider the emoticon wholly accurate.

There’s a lot about first date etiquette that still rings true: Don’t talk about religion, politics, your latest bowel movement, that you don’t believe in showering daily, or how you really need to get knocked up before you turn 35 next year. Keep the conversation light; your hobbies, who you think should be the next American Idol, and don’t make the conversation all about you, you, YOU. But I think my girl Lauren is also onto something very key for the 21st Century first date: Keep it short. If you’ve never met them before, meet them for a cup of coffee or a drink. And drive yourself there, like she said, so that you can escape easily if you need to.