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I’ve been really high and low about everything lately. Sometimes I’m excited about the whole Vegas thing, because not paying rent for a while would be such a relief, but it also scares me, because you know how easy it is to settle and get comfortable, and suddenly you’re not doing anything with your life…mediocrity is a slippery slope, and that scares me the most. I was always this go-getter, this superwomen of sorts, I could do anything, get ten things done in a day, and now, fuck, it’s hard to send out two resumes and follow up with anyone. It scares me that somehow I’m slipping and the world is passing by and other people are still out there working it. And the fucked up part is, I’m really smart, I could work most people out of their job, and yet, things just don’t seem to be happening. I’ve had a few interviews, but nothing, and the Reality TV show…maybe my life looks more exciting on paper than in video. My existing clients are throwing a few things my way, but that’s not a career, that’s just getting by, and I can’t seem to get motivated to stir up any new business. At least I’ve started writing again. I’m getting close, really fucking close to having a first draft of the third book done, but I’m still wondering what the universe is trying to tell me.