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The season of giving and receiving is upon us, and if you, like many, are stumped for what to get your girl, or stumped for cash, here is my list of ten things under twenty bucks.

1. Go to your grocery store, buy an eco-friendly shopping bag, and fill it with something sweet (candy, cookies, chocolote, or fruit), a gossip magazine, a book she’ll love (like Sex, Life, & Hannah), a mixed CD, and bottle of wine (cheap yet palatable). Next time she cozies up for a night of alone time, she won’t be able to stop thinking of you.

2. Speaking of mixed CD’s…that on its own is a great gift that keeps on giving. Need ideas for songs? Check out my playlists. Avoid the break-up and heartbreak songs.

3. The next time you go to your local hardware store for some screws (because for some reason, men always need screws) pick up a plant pot– preferably one-tone and square-shaped–and also pick up an orchid or some type of jade. It’s hard for even the busiest jet-setting woman to kill an orchid or jade.

4. Buy a picture frame, and then find a good picture of the both of you (preferably looking happy and in love). Have it printed out, or print it out on your handy dandy photo printer; black and white or sepia typically has more dramatic impact. And don’t forget to sign the back with a “love always” or something much more mushy.

5. Feeling a little more crafty? Make a collage of your love. Buy her a planner and deck out the cover with snapshots of the two of you (or if you’re feeling pretty, just you), or snazz up a wooden jewelry box with magazine cutouts of her favorite designer shoes. Tack them on with rubber cement and paint over with diluted clear glue. And don’t be afraid to experiment with other sentimental objects, like movie tickets, love notes, or dried flowers.

6. The key to your house, apartment, or townhouse–and not the same one your other gilfriend is staying at. But seriously, if you’re ready to make a committment, but can’t afford to put some bling on her finger yet, a key is the next best thing. Just try to remember to clean up after yourself a little more often…

7. Don’t feel like leaving your house to shop? This site has a lot of fun, quirky, and very girly stuff, like illuminating rings: And this site: has that really great lifetime membership for only $8.99 that will keep your girl entertained with saucy fiction always:)

8. The “I Love You” card. There is nothing more moving then when a man expresses his feelings via the written word. It’s like giving the gift of letting her peel back those tough outwardly layers. Not sure what to write? Here’s a little three-step exercise that helps: 1) I love you because…, 2) I remember when I first saw you…, and 3) I want our future to be…

9. The dinner coupon. No, not a coupon to Wendy’s, but a coupon for you to cook dinner for her on a specific night. Yes, this is a throwback to those old IOU certificates or love coupons, but there’s a reason those things are still around. If you want to make it more fun, cook for her in nothin’ but your apron. This gift pairs very well with #8.

10. Treat her to a slow dance in the moonlight. Rush hour and retail mania have put a sword through the gift of old-fashioned quality time. And it’s a damned tragedy. Revive it by lighting some candles, cueing up some Frank Sinatra (or my recent favorite, Alice Russell), and taking your lover by the hand. Your presence is the best gift you can give. Also pairs well with #8 and #9. Just remember to put some clothes back on before you go out onto the rooftop patio.