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On the subject of Arnie, and I’m not saying it was “right” what he did, but what if one woman was just not enough for all that testosterone? I mean, come on, the guy is pumped from weights and god only knows what kind of supplements, and what if right at that time in his life, his wife wasn’t giving it up? What if she was being stone cold in the sack? Or maybe she wasn’t, but he was going through some kind of mid-life crisis? We can’t always fight off our urges, because sometimes we just don’t want to. Sometimes we’ve just reached a breaking point, or we just want to feel some feeling we haven’t felt in too long, or we just don’t want to be responsible for twenty minutes. It’s just like the whole Hugh Grant with a prostitue thing. Yes, he was in a relationship with a rockin’ hot super model, but maybe deep down inside, his biggest fantasy was to just once be with a nasty, dirty prostitute. What’s wrong with that? Why do we always have to be upstanding in the face of society when human nature isn’t always?