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It seems as though the reign of pucker-up-then-give-him-the-cheek is over. In the most recent Think Tank poll, a whopping 86 percent of respondents supported kissing on the first date. This is the dawn of the forthcoming woman. And she’s horny as hell.

“Horny?” you may ask. “Aren’t we only talking about a kiss, here?”

Not really. Let’s consider why the first-date kiss is historically taboo.

Back in the day, when America was bursting with righteousness and quaking before the Holy Spirit, the only acceptable place for a gal to get hot was standing over her four-burner stove. And she raised her daughters on the same value: a proper girl shouldn’t kiss just any boy who holds her books. Kissing begets petting, petting begets rubbing, and rubbing begets the kind of hot that’d turn Betty Crocker’s brownies into charcoal. It was a terrifying slippery slope.

In modern romance, a little slippery slope ain’t necessarily a bad thing. Considering the social-lube-requiring nature of LA dating, the more slippery we can make things, the better.

I recall a date that emerged from the dust of a three-month dry spell. He was cute, conversation was stimulating, and he didn’t tell me the names of his testicles in the first hour. Things looked promising. As I gathered my things to leave his place, he grabbed me by the hips, and went in for a deep, passionate kiss. Before he could say, “I’ll call you,” I pinned him down for the ride of his life. And it wasn’t a one-night stand; it was the beginning of a relationship.

It’s no longer the 1940s; women are no longer married off at the age of 18. Getting physical has become a vital component of dating. Single women have needs, and sometimes they can’t be deferred until the second date, third, or…wedding night.

I’m not saying you should look desperate or throw yourself on a man like a whore. When it proves ineffective to guzzle a bottle of Chianti and garble to your date that your blowjobs would make his grandfather cry, something a little classier might be in order. A long goodnight kiss might be just the thing to get the ball rolling.

Next up: Will gettin’ hot ‘n heavy with your boss get you fired? Weigh in now.

Jenni Perez authored the 2008-2009 edition of the popular sex issues column, “The Wednesday Hump,” in UC Santa Barbara’s Daily Nexus. When she’s not contributing her thoughts about the trials of modern romance, she devotes much of her effort to sustainable living and recording music.