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Our silhouette contest winner shares an excerpt out of her erotica:

….Anna’s eyes still closed she wondered where he went.  His warm touch no longer on her skin.  She cracked her eyelids to peer out and saw him mixing his paints.  So eager he was, so adamant, so concentrating and so passionate about his work.  She couldn’t help but to love him.  Closing her eyes again, she took a deep harnessed breath and let it out shakily.  She only flinched slightly when she felt the soft bristles and cool paint contact her body for the first time.  It was just above her naval and as he stroked his canvas, it led a trail of tingles inside her.  From that point on her body melted to every stroke of his brush.  Lying there, her head swimming as if she had consumed too much wine, she was taken by the way her body betrayed her with the touch of his brush on her naked body.  At first his touches made her twist and turn a bit.  Being ticklish was a trait she inherited by her mother.  But soon she settled into the bliss of the feeling of the smooth, wet and thick substance being stroked on her skin by the very man she was soulfully in love with.

Her breathing got more labored with each stroke of the brush as he poured more color upon his special flesh of a canvas.  She felt his strokes so slowly, almost painfully slow.  Moving over her hips and down her thighs, across her stomach, up over her breasts, around her nipples, across her shoulders and gliding over her neck to her chin and continuing over her face, over her nose to her cheek and back down her neck.  She was wrong before….THIS was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced….

Julia Becca is a business co-owner, wife, mom, and fitness instructor. Writing and photography are her biggest passions and she has five books currently published. You can view her work at: