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It was a Sunday filled with a ridiculous amount of highs and lows.

Morning high: OMFG I love waking up next to you baby.

Afternoon low: Why the fuck do you have to be a dick every time we go shopping?

Early evening high: So you’re avail and able?

I was at the Single Tease launch party at Clever in Santa Monica, standing next to Mr. Available, and found myself falling for what I like to call the sneaky reverse, where instead of picking up on you, the guy does something, or in this case, wears something, that inclines you to pick up on him.


My caveat being, I probably would have talked to him anyway (hello hotness), and so would Ms. Just Ask Me (Out). We both agreed that when we’ve been eyeing a guy and want to talk to him, we just do. Unlike Mr. Free Agent who says he never approaches girls and always waits for the girl to initiate. If that’s the case the Free Agent shirt might get him some more action, because according to a Men’s Health article, only 20% of women initiate encounters.


A couple hours later I was home. I had blown off some steam, had some great conversations, and was reminded that I still “got it”.

“Would you be more or less inclined to pick up a girl wearing a Single Tease shirt?” I asked hubbie after we both agreed we needed to communicate better whilst shopping and decided on a truce.

“All things being equal, probably more, because I’d be less inclined to think she’s a bitch.”

That was the vibe I got off Facebook too.

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